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Join the Team!

Since 1970, DFRS volunteers have been the lifeblood of the railway. We are always looking for new volunteers to join us in growing our unique heritage railway. Even if you’re not interested in railways at all (maybe just engineering?), volunteering with us is a good way of getting out, socialising and learning new skills. If you’re looking for a job (be it within the railway industry or not), it can also be beneficial to your CV too, as employers are always looking for those who put in that little bit extra – and volunteering is certainly viewed as a plus point.


Working volunteer members of the DFRS also benefit from free travel on normal running days, and further discounts in the cafe and shop.  Also, we have reciprocal free travel agreements with an ever growing list of heritage railways around the country!


Whatever your background or experience level, whatever age, male or female, we have many roles at the railway and certainly one to suit you, from customer facing roles like guard, signalman, ticket inspector, to behind the scenes roles like permanent way, rolling stock restoration and lineside clearance. We also have opportunities in our shop and catering teams, or maybe working on the railway's publicity and fundraising teams appeals to you?  If you're looking to volunteer regularly, or can only give an hour a month, there are many ways you can contribute to our line.  Look through our full list of departments below:

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer with us, our volunteer liaison team would love to hear from you! We run regular induction courses throughout the year so you can come and see what we’re all about, before you commit to joining up. Please send an email to, or simply click the link below, and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

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