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A Second Mark 2!

The Dean Forest Railway Society is pleased to announce the purchase of our second Mark 2, TSO No. M5175. Following a visit to the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway, we have successfully transferred funds to the vendor and are now the proud owners of this useful vehicle. Being that it is already vacuum-braked, we hope to move it to the DFR as soon as possible so that it can be briefly worked on and brought into service ready for Santa Specials. It also has the handy benefit of being in BR Maroon livery, the chosen 'new' livery for DFR coaches.

Thanks to all that have donated to our Carriage Appeal so far. We are still raising funds to complete the engineering work on our first coach (W5341), so please visit our Appeal page to find out more:

CME Adam Dickinson and DFRS Chairman Alastair Clarke examine our latest acquisition

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