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Accommodation Coach arrives at the DFR

The DFR Society is pleased to announce that on Friday 8th February, our new Accommodation Coach arrived safely at Lydney Junction after the successful completion of work at Cranmore. We shall now be carrying out further tasks to bring the carriage into use, and replace GWR Collett coach no. 5863 which will be emptied and stored pending restoration into passenger use in due course. These tasks include replacement of soft furnishings, a deep clean of the interior, shower room and toilet, and of course exterior painting to finish it off. The coach will be painted in BR Maroon, the new official colour scheme for DFR coaches.

We welcome all volunteers who would like to help get our new accommodation ready for service. The tasks are largely straight-forward, and all assistance is greatly appreciated.

While we are hiring the equipment to paint our Accommodation Coach, the Society has made the decision to repaint our first Mark 2 coach, no. M5175. While the original plan was to simply polish the Mark 2 to bring it up to scratch, there are sufficient economies to be made that make this a worthwhile option – so it will look even better this year!

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