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November 2022 Raffle Draw Results!

Raffle Co-ordinator Stan Rudge draws the winners for November 2022

2022 marked the first time we have ever made two raffle draws in a year, and in November we pulled the names of the second selection of lucky winners. Congratulations to:

1st Prize (£250): Anna Field

2nd Prize (£100): R Brown

3rd Prize (£50): Steve Earl

4th Prize (£25): Jan Grundy

We are now able to announce that a grand total of £16,781.78 was raised in 2022, which yet again sets a new record! This fantastic total enables us to continue our work in providing support to the Dean Forest Railway.

As ever, our gratitude goes to our team of dedicated raffle sellers, co-ordinator Stan Rudge, and of course all of the DFRS members and public that bought raffle tickets this year! We hope you’ll consider doing so again next year for another chance to win £250, and of course to support the DFR in an ever more difficult economic environment.

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