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Record-breaking Raffle for 2021!

The Dean Forest Railway Society is delighted to announce that this year's Fundraising Raffle has raised a record-breaking total of £16,431! This is the highest ever, beating 2019's previous record of £16,309. Considering that, for the early part of the season, COVID restrictions prevented our raffle ticket selling team from selling to visitors on board our trains, this total is absolutely amazing!

The Society's Trustees would like to thank the Raffle Co-ordinator, Stan Rudge who, ably assisted by Dan Winter and a team of raffle ticket sellers, has achieved this great result! Stan can be seen in the picture above drawing the winning tickets! This year's winners are:

1st Prize £250 Ticket 24072 James Curtis

2nd Prize £100 Ticket 03688 S. Whitcombe

3rd Prize £50 Ticket 26044 Chris Hare

4th Prize £25 Ticket 27960 Sheila Massey

Our thanks to everyone, members and visitors alike, who so generously bought tickets to raise this outstanding amount, and congratulations to our winners! The funds raised will be spent on a range of projects to develop and enhance the Dean Forest Railway.

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