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Lydney Junction Development

The Dean Forest Railway Society has long supported the intention of developing Lydney Junction, with particular emphasis on long-term carriage storage. Dry, secure storage for our fleet of heritage coaches will enable a more sustainable future for them and the Railway itself; by reducing the rate of degradation, less money will need to be spent on ongoing maintenance such as cleaning and repaints. In 2018, the DFRS raised over £11,000 as part of our Coach Cover Campaign, and continues to fund work to help start any future development of the site.

During the last weeks of 2023, a small group of volunteers have taken the first giant steps towards transforming Lydney Junction yard into a vibrant hub for the railway. The ambitious project spearheaded by a small band of Society members. including both DFRCL and DFRS Chairmen, aims to clear vegetation, surplus materials, and scrap to make way for the construction of state-of-the-art carriage shed and workshop facilities.

The Lydney Junction Yard holds historical significance, and this rejuvenation effort marks a significant milestone in its revitalisation. The dedicated team of volunteers will work tirelessly to prepare the ground for the upcoming development. ​The ultimate goal of this initiative is to create a modern carriage shed and workshop facilities that will serve as a dynamic space for railway restoration projects, educational programs, and community events.


The current view of the site, following the start of clearance work in December 2023


An artists impression of the proposed developments, demonstrating the carriage storage shed and engineering workshop


A clear headshunt for the first time in many years - and perhaps the first time the boundary fence has ever been seen from the platform!

To harness the full potential of the Lydney Junction site, comprehensive surveys are imperative. These surveys will provide invaluable insights into the current state of the grounds, potential challenges, and opportunities for development. From environmental impact assessments to structural evaluations, this phase is crucial for creating detailed plans that align with both historical preservation and modern functionality.

Clearing the site is not just about physical transformation; it's about positioning the project for financial support. Securing grant funding is a pivotal aspect of the Lydney Junction Yard development project, which can’t be progressed without accurate, detailed surveys and costings. All which need to be complete before we engage with fundraising experts in the coming months to assist with our applications.

How to Help

We will shortly be announcing a fundraising campaign that will include preparatory works for the Lydney Junction Development project. In the meantime, if you would like to contribute to our clearance programme, you can help by donating - there are many ways to do this:

​- Donate directly via PayPal:

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- Send cheques (Payable to "Dean Forest Railway Society") or cash to:

DFRS Development Fund

Dean Forest Railway,

Forest Road,


GL15 4ET

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