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DFR Society Raffle 2019 - Final Results

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

On Sunday 17th November, the Dean Forest Railway Society concluded its 2019 Raffle. This year, the raffle was dedicated to the restoration of the Railways fleet of Mark 1 coaches, a number of which are currently out of service and awaiting their turn for attention. A record figure was achieved this year, with proceeds of £16,308.57 being raised between March and November. After prize money has been removed, this leaves a massive total of £15,883.57 available to help renovate our coaching stock.

The Society Trustees would like to record their heartfelt thanks to all volunteers who took the time to come along and sell raffle tickets this year! All winners have now been drawn, so please keep an eye out for any missed calls and voicemails from us...

- 1st Prize: M Hardy

- 2nd Prize: H Mead

- 3rd Prize: K Cairns

- 4th Prize: L Emery

Congratulations to all our winners!

Some of our raffle ticket sellers this year: Aspen and Sadie Harris, Lois and Ruairi Clarke, and Jamie Ivin (L-R)

While the Society often tries to avoid singling out volunteers for their efforts, as every single person that gives up their spare time to operate, develop and support the Dean Forest Railway is invaluable, it was felt that on this occasion a particular achievement should be recognised. Over the course of 2019, Jamie Ivin raised over £10,000 and generated great feedback from our visitors for his friendly and hardworking approach. As such, DFR Society Chairman Dr. Alastair Clarke presented Jamie with a certificate of appreciation on the day of the raffle draw. Well done Jamie, keep up the good work!

DFR Society Chairman Dr. Alastair Clarke presents Jamie Ivin with his certificate of appreciation

If you think you may be interested in helping to sell raffle tickets, the Society is always on the look out for new volunteers. Give us an email on to find out more!

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