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Mark 2 Appeal Update

Last week, DFRS Chairman Alastair Clarke and DFR Chief Mechanical Engineer Adam Dickinson paid a visit to Rampart Engineering at Barrow Hill to inspect the progress on our second Mark 2 carriage, W5341. This carriage is being fitted with vacuum brakes alongside the existing air system, which will see it become one of very few (if any!) dual-braked Mark 2 coaches. We expect it to be completed and delivered by the end of May.

In addition, the first Mark 2 TSO to arrive at Norchard has entered the paint tent for a full repaint, remaining in BR Maroon but bringing the external standard up to scratch.

Once both carriages are at the DFR and available for service, we will be organising a special train for all our generous donors to welcome our new acquisitions! Many thanks again to everyone who kindly donated and made this project possible.

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